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Perfect for rose lovers, Tabac Rose Perfume at Coronary Heart is wrapped in Decadent High-quality Perfume. It’s a sweet, fun, and erotic personality, that liberates your maximum pleasant daydream, trifles with the scrumptious opportunities, and pinpoints your self-tickled rose with attraction. That would be a perfect all-year-round scent for a formal setting, dressed up, or going to fancy places. Sweet bursts of saffron and apple sparkle with delightful dependency, while rose, floral and leather layers of Oud wood and musky. The Tabac Rose adds this unique playful vibe to a more conservative and classic note list, giving a "classy and elegant but fun" vibe to the perfume.

Tabac Rose

SKU: 9782010180019
  • 200 ML


    Eau De Parfum