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The opening of Moonwake Perfume is a burst of ginger which gives a fantastic tingle, and some hints of sweet citrus like mandarin orange and bergamot. The middle notes exploit the fruity sweetness of licorice that gives a gourmand touch to the Fragrance and in no time fresh, delicate, and herbaceous vanilla compliments it. The composition of Moonwake perfume is very fresh, smooth, and semi-sweet, and it improves more when it settles down in the skin. The base is relatively woody and leathery and it gives a rather chocolaty effect to the whole composition of the scent while Vanilla and Musk bond so well that the sensation is indescribable. The top notes are Ginger and Bergamot. Middle notes are Licorice, Agarwood, and Cedar. Base notes are Vanilla, Musk, and Herbal Notes.


SKU: 9782802221029
  • 75 ML