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Iris Prima perfume by Harold is a perfume from the second, new series of synthetic fragrances. Together with the new Irish Prima perfume, it revolves around ambroxan, separated as the central note, having hints of ambergris. Irish Prima contains only ambroxan, which is a great fixation, and therefore stays with you all day, It very pleasant, warm, and delightfully sweet. The perfume was launched in 2016. This beguiling concoction is based around the single synthetic note of iris and jasmine, a floral & fruity that harnesses all the sweet, earthy, musky characteristics of natural ambergris, a commonly used ingredient in perfumery. This unisex perfume is an ideal mystifying and electrifying one. Velvety and fruity notes have a natural odor for a truly unique and everlasting effect.

Iris Prima

SKU: 6292651880955
  • 100 ML


    Eau De Parfum