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The Citrus Bliss Perfume Launched in 2021, is said to have a refreshing, honeyed floral aroma with the sweet scent of neroli top notes. Fused with a vanilla-like scent of clover, these top notes add tanginess along with freshness to this bliss of a fragrance. Hints of tea, honey, and rose are displayed as top notes of immortelle. The bitterness of the orange blossom adds hints of citrus which is the main constituent of this fragrance. Giving a deeper and creamier aspect, the top notes of tuberose stand out as the exotic scent of this bottle. The light middle notes of lemon and lime add zest and sourness to the fragrance which is balanced by the base notes of water and floral lily, adding elegance to the fragrance. Sandalwood depicts a woody, which is also earthy but can also be described as creamy and rich. You can pick up on balsamic, sweet, and floral middle notes of rose geranium. Adding the licorice and cinnamon effect to the scent, the basil note acts as a fundamental middle note to the fragrance. The fresh clean scent of base notes of pine needles makes the fragrance a valuable asset for everyday use. Softer and nutty base notes of sage and juniper are truly a festive fragrance for you.

Citrus Bliss

SKU: 9781202004058